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Print process


We offer many things from save the date postcards to 40x60 canvas. Images go through a second round of retouching and then are sent to our labs for color correction and printing. Images are then sent to you in 2 business days. This is the same turnaround time you would get from a local print shop.


Our images are cropped to perfection and if you're ordering canvas, metal, or standouts. Images are wrapped perfectly around the edge of the photo and we factor that in when the image is being cropped. None of our prints are created in house. It's done by a professional lab. Printing is not our job so we leave it up to the professionals.


The labs job is to color correct, and print the images the way they look on screen. Each monitor is different, and every printer is different. So when you order prints from a true printing lab. Reds really look red, and blues and greens, really look like true blues and greens. If you have a monitor that is calibrated you don't have to worry about this issue. But color correction plays a big part in your final image and most of your local labs don't offer this option. So leave the printing up to the pros so it has the the look and feel of art when it's hung on your wall.


Livingston Photography 2 day print process

  1. 1. Clients place their order for prints.
  2. 2. The order is sent to the lab for final retouching and cropping.
  3. 3. The lab color correct the images and fill the order.
  4. 4. The order is then shipped directly to you.

Print warranty


If for any reason you are unhappy with your prints. Contact us immediately so we can start the reprinting process. Our lab will reprint any images you're unhappy with free of charge.

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